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Dry Brushing: How to do it and the many beauty + healthy benefits of dry brushing your skin.

Today I’m talking all about dry brushing how to do it, why you should do it, and the many health and beauty benefits of dry brushing your skin.

So what is dry brushing your skin anyway?

Dry brushing the skin originates from Ayurvedic medicine, which has been around for centuries. Dry brushing is pretty straightforward.

While the skin is dry, you use a natural bristle brush and brush your entire body in an upward motion towards your heart. Read on.

dry brushing how to do it

Before I go on about how to dry brush your skin, I think it’s important to talk about the health and beauty benefits of dry brushing your skin first.

Some of the benefits of dry-brushing your skin include: 

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Exfoliates the skin (Removes dead skin cells)
  • Increases blood circulation and energy
  • It can smooth and tighten the skin
  • Improves the appearance of cellulite
  • It may help improve digestion and kidney function

Since I’m not a dr. and don’t even pretend to be one on the internet, I can’t guarantee that all the health claims in regards to dry brushing are true or not. But! I can pass along so what I believe is helpful information and share my personal experience.

Why I dry brush my skin as often as possible

dry brushing how to

I first started dry brushing my skin for the health benefits

When having a deep tissue massage, I shared with my therapist that I had some swelling under my right armpit and unexplained breast tenderness.

After my massage, she said that she had also noticed “congestion” under my arms and on my right flank and suggested that I try dry brushing.

I also consulted my Aunt, a lymphatic therapist, and she was all about dry brushing! So, I decided to give it a try.

dry brushing how health benefits

Within two weeks the congestion under my arm pit, right flank and breast tenderness was gone!

As I said, I’m not Dr., but the proof is in the pudding. First, I had swelling under my armpits and breast tenderness. Then 2 weeks after incorporating dry brushing into my daily self-care routine– the armpit and flank congestion along with the breast tenderness disappeared!

I dry brush my skin because it helps it to look and feel so much better!

Once I discovered the health benefits of dry brushing and had been already dry brushing consistently I realized that my skin was so much softer and even looked about 100 X’s better! And so I’ve been dry brushing my entire body ever since!

Trust me! Dry brushing is your friend, my friend! And it is for sure more than worth the 2-minute investment of time a few times a week.

Dry Brushing + How to do it (in 5 simple steps):

Right before you shower-(I do my dry brushing in the shower so that the dead skin cells go right down the drain!)

Use a natural fiber brush; I have two—a smaller round brush and a large body brush with a long handle which is excellent for reaching my back.  *I prefer the smaller one because it perfectly fits my hand, and I better control the pressure.  

  1. Start at your feet move up your body towards your heart using broad, circular, clockwise motions.
  2. Brush your feet, legs, and midsection first, always moving towards your heart.
  3. Be careful on delicate skin using lighter pressure.
  4. End with your hands and arms brushing towards your armpits.
  5. Make sure to avoid any areas where the skin is irritated or open.
  6. You are all set! – take a shower as usual. It’s good to keep the water temp on the cooler side if you can or end the shower with cold water. 

After your shower- moisturize with a nice emollient lotion or oil. With all of that dead skin gone, your skin will drink up the moisturizer, so be generous!

how to dry brush your body

So there you have it-my two cents on dry brushing.

The how and why you should be dry brushing your skin

What do you think? Want to give it a try? Or…Do you already dry brush and just wanted to see what I had to say about it? LOL. (It happens…)

Please share your thoughts in the comments below- I love to hear what you think. 

Until next time.

Be well.

xo, Christine

dry brushing how to and the many benefits and dry brushing your skin

Dry Brushing: How to do it and the many beauty + healthy benefits of dry brushing your skin. Dry Brushing: How to do it and the many beauty + healthy benefits of dry brushing your skin. Dry Brushing: How to do it and the many beauty + healthy benefits of dry brushing your skin.

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