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The best nighttime self-care routine for women over 40+

I’ve got my nighttime self-care routine down to a science! When I turned 40, I decided I needed to take my entire nighttime self-care routine up a notch. What does that mean?

It’s easy, especially after a long day, to put ourselves on the back burner.

Back in the day, I was lucky if I had enough energy after a long day to wash my face before bed.

Thankfully, after years of putting myself last on my to-do list- I got it through my thick head that self-care isn’t selfish and that if I take better care of myself first, I’m a better me for my family, friends, and the world.

nighttime self-care routine-first step, get comfy!

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If you are new here, it won’t take long to notice that I believe we all should prioritize self-care, especially when we hit our midlife years!

And because I believe that beauty comes from within, my nighttime self-care routine for women over 40 includes mind, body, and soul!

And, of course, some awesome pro-aging skincare!

My nighttime self-care routine for women over 40+:

1. Get comfy

Getting comfy is the first and most important step to any good nighttime self-care routine!

Get that bra off as soon as possible! I sometimes take mine off on the way home in the car at a stoplight. Can I get a witness?!

Side Note: Don’t ever wear underwire bras unless it’s necessary. They are from the devil!

Change into PJs or Lounge Wear

Heck-at the time of this writing, I find that I practically live in my pajamas! Daytime pajamas and nighttime pajamas. Won’t all be glad when this is all over?! #2020

2. Eat dinner as early as possible.

Every healthy guru out there has this step on repeat. A good nighttime self-care routine includes eating dinner three hours before bedtime.

Eating early has been and continues to be a challenge for me. However, I know I sleep better and avoid extra LB’S when eating earlier.

And, if I eat too late, it can be fun, like heartburn and insomnia. No Thanks.

3. Enjoy the simple things

Nighttime self-care routine tip number three is: Enjoy the simple things. YES!

Once dinner is out of the way and the kitchen is clean, I like to cuddle up on the couch with my hubby and fur babies. It’s a nice time to decompress and reconnect.

We love to binge our latest favorite show or pick a movie. It’s the simple things in life.

nighttime self-care routine-skincare routine

4. Nighttime Skincare Routine

Without a solid skincare routine, a solid nighttime self-care routine for women over 40 would not be a solid self-care routine. Am I right!?

Do your nighttime skincare routine before you get too tired.

True life confessions: I’ve gone to bed without washing my face more times than I can count! I know, gross. Do your skincare routine as early in the evening as possible.

If you opt-in
for a shower or bath before getting changed into your PJs, you can save time by cleansing your face in the shower.

Nighttime Skincare Essentials

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Cleanse the Skin.

I double cleanse my face at nighttime.

Cleansing with an oil-based cleansing balm first helps get sunscreen, make-up, and grime from the day off your face before cleansing again with a water-based cleanser.

Clarify the skin.

 I worked for Clinique as a make-up artist back in the day and fell in love with Clinique clarifying lotion #2. I have tried other toners, but I must say- I love it!

I switch it up once or twice a week and use a toner containing glycolic acid to take exfoliation up a notch. (exfoliation is yo friend, my friends!) 

Use Serums.

Serums are great because you can handpick the ingredients you need based on your skin and customize your skincare. I currently use vitamin c serum and several serums from the ordinary. In addition, I use the Buffet, Nicidamine, and Hydraulic acid.  

Retin-A or Retinol

The holy grail. If you are 35+, you got to do yourself a big favor and get some Retin-A pronto! I use it 2-3 times a week after serums and before moisturizing.

Any more than that can be a bit irritating to the skin. Retinol products available over the counter are also effective in treating the signs of aging. But nothing touches prescription-strength Retin-A. 

Use a Good Moisturizer!

When we are talking moisturize- I’m talking about your entire body. Since I live in Arizona, I am lotion-obsessed.

The truth is, everyone should be—Dry skin= old-looking skin.  

Moisturize Your Face:

I use Cervae’s PM lotion and Clinique’s Moisture Surge. They both work great and are super affordable, a major plus these days.

Moisturize your Body: 

As I’ve shared many times –I’m lotion obsessed. I have an aversion to dry skin.

In addition to moisturizing the heck out of my skin, I also do dry brushing at least three times a week (usually in the morning), which helps my skin absorb the moisturizer better & stay silky smooth.

And Don’t Forget Your Feet:

I slather a nice thick coat of the emollient lotion on my feet and put on socks I get in my Christmas stocking every year.

And when I wake up in the morning, my feet are as soft as a baby’s butt. (Well, almost).

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nighttime self-care routine-take care of your pearly whites!

5. Take care of the pearly whites.

A good nighttime self-care routine includes good oral hygiene. 🙂

Brush Teeth:

Raise your hand if you use an electric toothbrush! Isn’t it the best?!

I mean, once you switch to electric, -a regular toothbrush won’t cut the mustard. I can never go back.

The best thing about my electric toothbrush is that it has a 2-minute timer and a quadrant reminder. In addition, it makes this beep sound when it’s time to switch quadrants.

That way, all four quadrants of your mouth get the same amount of love. It’s genius!

Floss Teeth:

Flossing is not my favorite way to spend my time. That said, it’s a necessary “evil.” Full disclosure: I don’t floss every night. I wish I did, but I don’t. Do you?

Use A Water-Pik:

In addition to flossing, I use a Waterpik. It’s the bomb yall! And I’m not talking about one of the old-school waterpiks, no! They are the worst.  

I’m talking about the new and improved Cordless Waterpik.

It’s cordless and waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, which I do! It’s rechargeable too. My husband and I each have one.

They cost around $50 bucks and last forever.

nighttime self-care routine-take supplements at nighttime

6. Take Supplements

I’ve got my supplements & medications organized in a little daily pill organizer. It’s nice to set my pills up once a week instead of dealing with them every night.

Supplements for Women 50+

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The Supplements That I Take:

-Vitamin D
Vitamin D helps immune function and protects bone, muscle, and heart health! It is also proven to be a potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth!

Unfortunately, I was deficient in Vitamin D, so I take it every night without fail.

Magnesium is essential! I started to take Magnesium when I found out it helps with Migraines, and it does. It also helps with sleep and keeps everything moving nicely, if you know what I mean.

-Omega-3 Fish Oil
The number one reason I take Omega 3 Fish oil is for heart health– but it also helps with my hair and skin. I hated taking it because the tablets are huge, but I finally got used to it.

Progesterone works with estrogen (I get Estrogen and Testosterone via BHRT Pelletting) to improve health and help you feel better in several ways.

It keeps all those pesky hormonal side effects at bay and helps me with my sleep!

I have my Progesterone made at the compound pharmacy.

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DIM helps metabolize estrogen, which keeps me from being estrogen dominant.  Becoming estrogen dominant is dangerous and can cause cancer!

I recommend asking your healthcare practitioner about taking DIM whether you receive hormone replacement therapy or not. For example, I take 200mg every evening.

I have the worst allergies. This time of year is the worst, so I have to take Zyrtec in the morning and night. I also am addicted to allergy drops for my eyes.

A good probiotic is essential for gut health! I’ve been taking this probiotic for a while now, and I like it. I have taken others that were more expensive and didn’t seem to work either.

Melatonin helps me sleep like a baby! I just started taking Melatonin with CBD, which is even better.

I do have some crazy dreams, though!

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nighttime self-care beauty routine-humidifier

7. Run a humidifier in your bedroom.

Game changer! Increased humidity is proven to be beneficial to the skin. And I’m a believer! My skin loves it, and my plants love it: two birds, one stone.  

The one I have is nice and quiet and has a big tank, so I only have to fill it every few days. 

8. Focus on Gratitude.

I swear by practicing gratitude. It’s been a game-changer for me.

Practicing gratitude is a perfect way to put the day to bed, so to speak, and is a vital component of a nighttime self-care routine!

I write five things I’m grateful for every night. It’s a perfect ending to every day. 

9. Take extra time to unwind

Sometimes I need more time to unwind from the day.

Then, of course, I will read if I have a good book in the works, but lately, I’ve been enjoying some iPad time before bed.

It’s best to cut out screens at least an hour before bedtime to optimize sleep. The truth is, I usually put on my blue-light readers, stick my air pods in and fire up my iPad.

I love me some YouTube!

Did you know you can learn how to do almost anything on YouTube?! I watch stuff about beauty and self-care, gardening, and blogging. I watch art videos and get tons of cooking inspiration too! It’s an endless rabbit hole, and I love it.

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nighttime self-care  routine for women over 40-meditation

10. Nighttime Meditation for Sleep

When it’s time to go down for the count, I get myself super comfy and do a 20-minute nighttime meditation for sleep.

The meditation and the noise-canceling feature on my ear pods (my husband snores up a storm!) help me fall asleep much faster!

I use my Calm or Insight timer apps for my nighttime meditation for sleep.

The Calm app is a paid subscription (I think it’s $12 per month)
Insight timer has a free version that works great for me!

Since I started doing bedtime sleep, mediations-my sleep has improved remarkably! So if you struggle with sleep issues, I suggest you try it!

I put my AirPods in to listen to my nighttime meditations, which also helps drown out my husband’s snoring. 🙂

Check out my article: The Best Self-Care Apps for Women to find the right self-care app for you!

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11. Take a shower or a bath (or a jacuzzi tub)

Most nights, I shower or take a nice bath before step one, which is to GET COMFY!

Taking a nice shower or bath as part of my nighttime self-care routine helps me relax, and in truth- most nights, I need a shower or a bath.

We are also lucky to have a Jacuzzi hot tub outside and often take a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub before bed.

It helps to ease my tired bones and helps me relax for bedtime.

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My nighttime self-care routine for women over 40+

This nighttime self-care routine for women works for me and is ever-evolving. As I adjust or add steps, I will update you on the latest.

I hope inspires you to take your nighttime self-care routine up a notch. As we get older, self-care has never been more important!

What do you do to practice self-care? Do you have any nighttime self-care routine ideas you would like to share?

Please drop your favorite self-care tip in the comments below.

Until next time, take good care of yourself!

XO, Christine

Nighttime beauty routine for women over 40+

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