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12+ Inspiring New Year’s Vision Board Ideas for 2024!

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In this article, Inspiring New Years Vision Board Ideas, I’ve curated 12+ ideas to help you create the perfect vision for 2024 plus how-to instructions to create your own vision board unique to you and your goals!

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new years vision board ideas

A Time for Reflection and Goal-Setting

The new year is a time for reflection and goal-setting.

If you want to set some ambitious goals for yourself in 2023, a vision board can be a great way to visualize them.

Vision boards are especially powerful if you use them for your New Year’s resolutions.

What is a vision board?

A vision board or dream board is a popular goal-setting tool that helps you stay focused on your goals and intentions.

It’s an inspiring visual reminder of the life you want to create.

It can consist of words, images, and affirmations that evoke positive emotions and remind you of your desired outcome.

Creating a vision board of visual representations of personal goals and dreams can help you manifest change and ensure your goals stay at the forefront of your mind.

A New Year Vision Board or Dream Board

Creating A new year vision board or dream board can be a fun and creative way to plan and set goals for the upcoming year!

The Power of Manifestation

Many influential people and life gurus like Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Gabrielle Bernstein (to name a few) believe in the power of manifestation and the law of attraction.

A vision board can be a powerful tool to help manifest New Year’s resolutions and help with goal setting.

new years vision board ideas

A Creative Way to Set New Year’s Resolutions!

Putting together a vision board or a dream board is a fun and creative way to put your ideas, goals, aspirations, and dreams all together in one place.

Once you’ve finished your vision board, you can hang it somewhere where you will see it daily, like in your bedroom, bathroom, or office.

New Year Vision Board Ideas:

There are many types of vision boards.

You can create a vision board that focuses on just about things from career goals to travel dreams and even family dream boards.

Here are a few New Year’s vision board ideas to get you started.

New Years vision board ideas:

  • If you’re feeling a party coming on, why not have a vision board party to ring in the new year?!
  • Planning a quiet New Year’s Eve? Gather your supplies and create your vision board while watching the ball drop on TV.
  • Or-Make it a family affair and have each family member make their own vision board with ideas and goals for the coming year
  • Not feeling crafty? Why not make a digital vision board online?

This is a wonderful resource about how to create a digital vision board online using Canva.

new years vision board ideas

Different Types of New Year Vision Board Ideas

Travel Vision Board

A travel vision board is a great way to keep your travel and vacation dreams alive!

Examples of what to put on a travel-oriented vision board:

  • Photos of dream destinations or activities you’d like to experience
  • Quotes about adventure and exploration
  • Maps or postcards from the places you plan to visit
  • Pictures of people enjoying themselves while traveling
  • Pictures of cruise ships, airplanes, trains, etc
  • Images of hiking, skiing, snorkeling, etc.

Self-Care Vision Board

A self-care vision board is a great way to remind yourself to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Examples of what you could put in a self-care vision board:

  • Inspiring quotes about taking care of yourself and being strong.
  • Images of yoga, meditation, and journaling.
  • Include health and fitness goals such as weight loss or new recipes for healthy eating in 2023!
  • Cut out skincare and beauty products or treatments you’ve wanted to add to your self-care routine.
  • Add Photos of gardening, hiking, or a new hobby you’ve wanted to start, such as learning to play chess or a musical instrument.

Home and Garden Vision Board

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of buying a new home, or maybe you want to remodel the kitchen or bathroom.

A home and garden vision board can be filled with images of all things home to inspire your next big HOME-SWEET-HOME dream.

Examples of what you could put on your home vision board:

  • Pictures from Pinterest of DIY projects
  • Photos cut out of magazines of dream homes and gardens
  • Color and fabric swatches to inspire your new look!

Creativity & Hobbies Vision Board

Have you always wanted to learn photography, how to paint, learn a new language, or perhaps learn to play the piano?

Then a creativity vision board could be right up your alley.

  • If you are thinking about learning how to play the piano or another instrument, add sheet music and stickers of musical notes to your board.
  • Thinking of learning to paint or make stained glass windows? Add photos of art supplies and equipment needed. Include images of artwork that inspires you.
  • Find inspirational quotes and affirmations about creativity to add to your dream board.
  • Want to learn how to speak Italian or french? Add images of Italy or lavender fields in France.

Health and Fitness Vision Board

The New Year is the perfect time to set health and fitness goals! Creating a physical fitness vision board of healthy habits is a powerful way to keep you motivated!

Health and Fitness Vision Board Ideas:

  • Include pictures of healthy meals, vitamins, supplements, etc.
  • Pictures of hiking trails, a running route, or a bike route map.
  • Include your weight loss goal number or a scale or measuring tape picture.
  • Images of people doing yoga, riding bikes, kickboxing, weight training, etc.
  • Include quotes about healthy lifestyle choices and habits.

Family Vision Board

Family vision boards can be a fun family project and a great activity for kids. as well. It’s never too early to teach children about goal setting and manifestation.

You can create a large family vision board that includes each family member’s goals and favorite activities, or you can have each family member create their own personal vision board with their specific goals and flair!

Family vision board ideas:

Maybe your family loves to travel, and you dream of going on a Disney cruise, or you want to start going on family camping trips.

Include images of cruise ships, camping equipment, or places you want to camp. You can use a map and cut out places your family wants to visit during sprint or summer break.

Or, perhaps you talk about getting a new family pet. Include photos of the breed of dog you want, dog supplies, and photos of puppies or photos of houses that you love.

Include potential puppy names and puppy embellishments like dog paw prints.

A family vision board could include images of families playing games together, laughing, hugging, etc.

Money Vision Board

A money or financial goals vision board is a great way to stay motivated to stay on track with money-saving and debt-reduction goals.

Money or Finacial Vision Board Ideas:

  • If you are saving for specific items, including images of items you may be saving for, like a home, car, boat, or whatever you are dreaming of.
  • Use images like money signs, happy faces, and pots of gold to embellish your financial goal vision board.
  • If it’s financial freedom you dream of, consider adding images of dream vacation destinations, people having fun, or perhaps words and phrases like freedom, debt free, etc.

Couples Vision Board

A couple’s vision board can be a fun and creative way to work together on their common goals and dreams.

Whatever the focus of you’re couple’s vision board is- be sure to include images of hearts, XOXOs, and quotes about teamwork and love.

Couples Vision Board Ideas

  • Maybe you and your special someone want to travel! If so, include travel destinations, maps, and photos of cruise ships and airplanes on your vision board.

    Add creative travel terms and words to spice up your wanderlust travel board.
  • If you and your partner are planning to become engaged, planning a wedding, or considering renewing your vows, a dream wedding vision board would be a great new years vision board idea for you to make together as a couple!

    Include a color palette for the wedding, photos of flowers, wedding cakes, ventures, etc. Include the wedding date countdown and quotes about love!
  • If you are an older married couple (like my husband and me), consider making a couple’s vision board for your FUTURE TOGETHER.

    Consider including a retirement bucket list of ideas like RVing, traveling around the world, or downsizing to a new and smaller home.

    Include date night destinations, fancy dinners, and activities you want to do together, like skydiving or hiking the Grand Canyon.

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Business and Career Vision Board

If you want to change your career or are thinking about starting a new business adventure, then a business or career vision board may be just what the doctor ordered!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Include images of what your new office will look like (make it a dream office). Include photos of desks, bookcases, and decor you like.
  • Use Power words like “SUCCESS,” “HAPPY,” “WORLD-CHANGER,” etc.
  • Include images of people doing what you want to do.

    For example, If you want to be a writer, include images of books, a laptop, a desk, etc. Include words like CREATE and quotes about creativity and perseverance.
  • If you are starting a new business, including images of the tools of the trade, your dream office or studio space, etc. Imagine what the culture of your business will be like.

    Consider including a mission statement or power words like INTEGRITY, IMPACT, COURAGE, etc.
new years vision board ideas

Dream Life Vision Board

A dream life vision board is a vision board that visually describes just that, your dream life or an ideal life in your mind’s eye.

Dream Life Vision Board Ideas:

  • Personal life- Include images of yourself. Images that communicate your core values. Use words like “LOYAL”, “STRONG”, and “BRAVE” to describe who you are and who you want to be. Include your favorite quotes that affirm who you are at your core.
  • Life Goals- If you want to get married, include images of weddings. If you want to run a marathon, include images of runners, running shoes, etc.

    If you want to improve your physical and or mental health, then include images that communicate a healthy lifestyle and self-care images like meditation, yoga, or even a beauty bubble bath.
  • Future Plans- Include images of places you want to travel to and things you want to do.

    If you want to become a teacher, doctor, or photographer, include images that motivate you toward those goals. If you want to learn to play an instrument, then include images of a piano or guitar, etc.

    If you are approaching retirement age, make a retirement dream life vision board. Include all things you want to do, be it travel, learning a new language, or hobbies you may be interested in.

Don’t forget to add power words like, “DREAM,” “JOY,” “BLESSED” and phrases like, “YES I CAN,” “JUST DO IT,” and “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” along with your favorite motivational quotes.

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new years vision board ideas: make a dream board for the new year

What about a New Year’s Vision Board Party?!

Vision board parties are all the rage, and what better time to throw a party than on New Year’s Eve!? Or what about New Year’s day?!

How to Have a New Year Vision Board Party:

  • Gather supplies (supply list below)
  • Set the day and time-Set date and time, and don’t forget to send out invitations! Include supplies your guests need to bring and what they can expect. (You can provide a lot or a little)
  • Make a plan- Make sure you have enough space for everyone to work on their dream boards. Consider setting up craft tables, and chairs in the living room covered the brown craft paper.
  • Have food and drinks ready!– Every good party includes food and drinks! And if it’s a New Year’s Vision board party, you should decorate too! 🙂
  • Get Crafty- Once guests arrive and settle in, give them a quick “How to make a vision board” (based on what you’ve learned from this article) and get started!
  • Have fun!- Making vision boards with a group is fun and can be a wonderful conversation starter! Don’t forget to put on some upbeat music in the background.
  • Take a group photo- Don’t forget to take a group photo of everyone with their vision boards and post it to Instagram!

    You know, if it’s not on the gram, it never happened! LOL. 🙂

New Years Vision Board Supplies

When creating your New Years vision board, the possibilities are endless!

As I’ve mentioned, you can use magazine cutouts and photographs, draw pictures, and even print off pictures from the internet.

You can and should add lots of fun embellishments, such as stickers, and washi tape, along with inspiring quotes, affirmations, and power words.

Vision Board Supply List:

Shop New Year Vision Board Supplies

Vision Board Quotes

I curated a list of 100+ Inspiring quotes for Vision boards in the new year for you to use when creating your vision board.

Gather Supplies + Get Crafty!

Once you’ve gathered your supplies and are ready to go, start by putting the largest images down on your surface first, the medium-sized images, and the smaller ones.

Once you are happy with the placement of the images, glue them down using a glue stick or glue dots.

Continue to decorate and embellish your vision board with anything that inspires you. This can be inspirational quotes, affirmations, power words, stickers, washi tape, glitter; you name it!

Your vision board should bring joy and motivate you!

Keep working on your board until you are happy with how it looks; when it comes to crafting, I always go with more is more! What can I say, glitter makes me happy!? 🙂

Hang it Up Where You Will See it!

Once you’ve created your vision board, hang it somewhere prominent where you can look at it daily. I like to hang my vision board in my office, so I set it at the beginning of my work day.

Let it constantly remind you of your goals, dreams, and ambitions for the coming new year!

Vision board examples

I created a Pinterest Board called Vision Board Examples and Inspiration with tons and tons of vision board examples and inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing!

Conclusion: New Year Vision Board Ideas for 2024

I hope this article on New Year’s vision board ideas has inspired you to make a vision board to help you with your New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting for the coming new year!

Are you planning on making a vision board? Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

Happy New Year! Your best is yet to come!

XO, Christine

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