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How to start a self-care routine:10+ Self-care Ideas

When I got serious about self-care and put a solid self-care routine into place, my life improved. Simple as that. I’m a huge believer that Self-care is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle! So today, I’m sharing how to start a self-care routine with 10+ doable self-care ideas!

How to start a self-care routine (2021)

What is self-care?

Self-Care is a buzzword these days. And I’m glad it is! By definition, Self-care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s well-being, health, and happiness! LOVE IT!

For me, self-care was something that had slipped through the cracks for years. During those “hardcore Mommy years,” -I did not make self-care a priority. Instead, I put myself on the back burner.

Can you relate?

If I could go back I would make a self-care routine a priority

If I could go back in time, I would change a few things. Taking better care of myself and making self-care a priority would be first on my list.

No matter what season of life you’re in-Single no kids, married with kids, midlife with or without kids, or a retired empty-nester

You’ve got to take care of yourself first. Period. End of story.

Now let’s get this self-care routine party started!

How to start a self-care routine: 10 Self-Care Ideas

How to start a self-care routine (2021)

A good morning self-care routine starts with water!

Yep. Crazy, but it’s true.

Have a full glass of water on your bedside table at the ready and drink it down first thing!

Your body has been on a fast all night long.

Water tells your body it’s time to wake up and get things moving! Water flushes out build-up toxins, increases your metabolism throughout the day, boosts energy levels, and decreases the chance of headaches developing early in the morning.

how to start a self-care routine-make your bed first thing!

Make your bed

Quickly make your bed. It’s a proven fact that making your bed is a sure-fire way to start the day off right, and I believe it!

Making your bed in the morning is an easy first win!

It feels good to do something productive first thing in the morning. It looks better to have the bed all made up pretty.

And when you crawl back into it at bedtime-you will be glad you did.

A good morning skincare routine= A good morning self-care routine

If you don’t have a solid skincare routine, it’s time high that you do. I know time can be tight in the morning, but still, skincare is essential to make it a priority.

My morning skincare routine is quick and affordable and has done wonders for my skin! >>>

How to start a self-care routine

Turn your morning coffee into a ritual

Turning your morning coffee into a ritual of sorts is a beautiful thing.

Discover your favorite brewing method and how you like your coffee the best. Consider adding healthy things like ghee, collagen, and cinnamon to your morning coffee.

Take your time and enjoy the entire process. And don’t forget to enjoy your perfect cup of Joe in your favorite mug.
I am confident that if you drink it in a cup that feels good in your hand, it will taste even better.

Go to your happy place with your coffee in hand and breathe in the new day.

Create a self-care sanctuary for yourself

Create a sanctuary for yourself or, as I like to call the it-My happy place.

Choose a spot in your home where you are most comfortable. Maybe a favorite chair tucked in a corner or a pretty area on your patio outside if weather permits. Your happy place should be quiet and private if possible.

Gather your favorite things to have at the ready.

Here’s what I’ve got in my happy place:

  • Most loved blanket
  • Favorite candle, sage and essentials oils
  • Journals, bible and books that bring me comfort
  • Mediation stones
  • Favorite pens, markers and stickers
  • Hand lotion, chapstick and eyedrops
How to start a self-care routine -meditate

Mediate. Be still and Breathe.

Be still and know
Once I get all cozy-comfy, I spend time with God. Then, I pray, read my bible. And set my intentions for the day.

-Journal + Planner
I write in my gratitude journal and do my morning pages. I sometimes write out my prayers. Then, I peek at my calendar and write down some to-do’s for the day, the week, and months to follow.

Sometimes I sit in silence and listen, while other days, I use one of my favorite meditation apps and do a 10-15 minute guided meditation. There are several great mediation apps available these days.

Two of my current favorites are HEADSPACE and SANITY & SELF.

Learning to breathe correctly is a powerful tool to ease stress. However, some simple breathing exercises can make a big difference if you make them part of your routine. You can even set a reminder to breathe on my watch!

A good breakfast is a vital part to a morning self-care routine

And not just a good as in healthy breakfast-I’m talking about a yummy good breakfast.

I’m talking comfort food if you need it. It’s called comfort food for a reason. Indulge yourself in something you love.

And who says comfort food can’t be healthy?! So first, make the pancakes and add blueberries. Then, try oatmeal with all the things: brown sugar, butter, fruit, and nuts. YUMMY.

Get some fresh air and move that body!

Take a nice walk or at least go out on your patio. Walking, stretching, and practicing yoga are beautiful ways to move your body in the morning. I love to stretch and practice yoga on my back patio (two birds-one stone)

I also love love, love to work in my garden in the morning. I feel at peace grounded in my garden. (and it’s great exercise!)

Observe the day. Notice the beauty all around you.

Look up at the sky and the clouds. Notice the trees and flowers. What about the sounds? Maybe there are birds singing or children laughing?

how to start a self-care routine 
take supplements

Boost your self-care routine with vitamins + supplements

Making sure your body is in balance is one of the most important things you can do for yourself! And it’s easy!

If your hormones are out of wack or deficient in vital vitamins and minerals, you put yourself at greater risk for depression and a long list of health problems.

Several years ago, while in perimenopause, I felt kind of down, super tired, and achy all over.

My doctor ran some blood work and discovered that I was vitamin D deficient! I was shocked by this since I live in Arizona and feel like I get a ton of sunlight.

Once my hormone levels corrected my hormone levels, I felt so much better! It was that experience that opened my eyes to the importance of hormones, vitamins, + supplements.

Do yourself a solid. Do the research and get yourself in balance. Game Changer!

Listen to a Podcast (there a great ones about self-care!)

There are hundreds and hundreds of excellent podcasts available for free!

Listen while getting ready in the morning, cleaning the house, driving to work, on the treadmill, at the grocery store, you get the idea.

Isn’t technology great?! 

how to start a self-care routine-read a book

Read (or listen) to a good book.

I truly believe reading is just plain good for you. Learn something new or lose yourself in a good old-fashioned novel.

Audiobooks are my new jam! It’s multi-tasking at its best! I listen to podcasts while walking the dogs, painting in my studio, working in the garden, or gym.

I just finished “Girl wash you face” by Rachel Hollis and loved it! SO. GOOD.

how to start a self-care routine 10+ self-care ideas

A long shower or bath + more self-care spa treatments

You can turn the simple act of showering and bathing into a self-care ritual. I find that a nice long bath brings me peace and recenters me. It’s the best way to feel clean, fresh, and relaxed!

Making your shower or bath a ritual:

  • Gather some bathing eseentials ahead of time. Include bath salts, candle, a comfy robe, etc.
  • Set aside at least 30-minutes of uninterupted time.
  • Consider adding dry brushing to your bath/shower routine. Dry brushing is beneficial to your skin as well as your lymph system!
  • If you’re taking a bath, add Epson salts and essential oils like lavender (my personal favorite).
  • Deep condition your hair while you soak
  • Read, listen to a podcast or just enjoy the quiet.
  • Shave and moisturize your skin

Epsom Salt Baths are so good for you!

Soaking in an Epson salt bath for at least 40 minutes can increase your magnesium levels, which is good for your body and soul!

Stay in and stay comfy.

Simplify your life at least one day a week. For example, Sunday is a great day to set aside for a self-care routine.

Stay home if you can and- Stay in your PJ’S all day!

If you can’t stay in your pajamas, then stay away from things like underwires and high heels. Just. Say no to Spanx and tight-fitting anything!

Wear cotton if possible. Wear what makes you feel free. 

Do a digital detox

I found that doing a digital detox is very freeing.

Unplugging from all digital noise and junk light is a great way to give your heart, mind, and soul a much-needed break. However, sometimes too much information is just too much. Am I right?

A one-day commitment to digital detox is an excellent place to start. I was surprised at how much time taking a digital detox frees up for other things!

Start by turning off all of those annoying notifications on social media. I’ve found that really helped me.

And oh! And have you heard? That whole Bluelight thing?! It’s a thing!

I recently got myself three pairs of blue light glasses on Amazon. I got readers because well-I’m almost 60!

And what a difference they make! My sleep scores on my Whoop! have improved by 50% since I started using the Bluelight glasses! 50 percent! That’s just amazing if you ask me.

Ok! There you have it!

How to start a self-care routine with just 10 simple self-care ideas

I hope this helps to inspire you to make your self-care a priority! Let me know in the comments below what you incorporate into your self-care routine.

Until next time, take care of yourself!

xo, Christine

How to start a self-care routine: 10+ simple self-care ideas

How to start a self-care routine:10+ Self-care Ideas How to start a self-care routine:10+ Self-care Ideas

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  1. Good advice girlfriend. Now that I have an empty nest, I’m going to take your advice and do MORE self care. Always focusing on others it seems. Especially the grandkids.
    Love reading your blogs. Your so good at it. Wish I was!

      1. I guess I needed to read this because I have been neglecting myself since giving birth to new baby. I will take your advice into practice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Christine!

    This is my first time to your blog and I love it, it has such a great energy.

    I really enjoyed this post! Self-care is so important. I have to continually remind myself to not forget to take care of me. Yesterday I drank my keto coffee outside by the fire pit with a cozy morning fire and it felt sooo good!

  3. Great article!!

    So, rolling out of bed at o’dark thirty and racing to the laptop to join link parties is a “to don’t”? (Asking for a friend.)

    Love this post!

    Wendy TheInspiredEater.com

  4. I love this. I start the day with lemon, ginger and hot water. Keto coffee is not something I am familiar with. Must check that out. I do a lot of the rest, Super post.

  5. We have so much in common! I start my day with coffee and God, take long showers, turn of social media….so many similarities 🥰 all wonderful ways to self care. Just wish I started this earlier in life.

  6. I put myself on the back burner for far too long, and it took a toll on my mental health. I make myself a priority now. The focus on self-care has made such a difference!

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