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Nightstand Essentials for Women: 50 Bedside Table Must-Haves

Nightstand essentials for women: 50 beside must-haves + some secrets too

For most people, a nightstand is just a place to store a few things – like an alarm clock, a book, chapstick, or even a flashlight.

But for many women, the nightstand is so much more than that.

The nightstand or bedside table is a personal command center where women keep all of the essentials, the must-haves, and maybe even a few secrets. 🙂

So if you’re looking for inspiration on what to keep on your bedside table, read on!

Nightstand essentials

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Nightstand Essentials for Women

A woman’s bedroom is her sanctuary.

A woman’s bedroom is her sanctuary. Or it should be! It is a place where she can relax and escape the chaos of the outside world.

Although each woman’s definition of “sanctuary” may differ, there are certain essentials that all women should have on their nightstands or bedside table.

Nightstand essentials for women

Nightstand essentials for women and what every woman should have at her bedside.
I will start with what’s on top of most women’s nightstands and work my way to the inside contents.

  1. Lamp- This was a no-brainer. Raise your hand if you don’t have a light on your nightstand?!

  2. Plant– Plants make me happy, and many plants help to clear the air. We’ve got about 12 plant babies in our bedroom and counting!

    I love ZZ Plants because they are so easy to grow!

  3. Phone and phone charger– This one goes without saying. Some people don’t like to have their phones in the bedroom, but I’m not one of them.

    I’m an iPhone girl through and through!

  4. Picture frame/picture– I have a photograph of my husband and me walking down the aisle at our son’s wedding in Tuscany! It was a dream come true!

  5. A glass of water- I have a small carafe and glass of water on my bedside table. I’ve got a ton of supplements I take every night at bedtime.

    I also drink a big glass of water every morning to start each day off right.

  6. Book or Kindle– It’s always good to have a good book. I love to read in bed; the only problem is that I usually fall asleep when reading. Have you read any Kristin Hannah books? So good!

  7. Tissues– Tissue is always a must-have. Whether I’ve got allergies or watching a tear-jerker with my husband, having tissues on the bedside table goes without saying…

  8. Clock– It’s a good idea to use an old-school clock on your bedside table if you want to try and keep your screen time down a little bit. I know that it’s all over once I look at my phone.

  9. Ceiling fan remote– Some people can’t sleep without a fan on. And we live in Arizona. That said, we’ve got ceiling fans in every room.

  10. A candle or diffuser – If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, consider adding a candle or diffuser to your nightstand.

    I have a new candle I got for Mother’s day on my nightstand that is so yummy.

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  1. Earplugs – If you’re a light sleeper or want to drown out any outside noise, earplugs can be a great nightstand essential.

    Me!? Oh yeah, I’ve got earplugs inside my nightstand. My husband snores!

  2. Pain reliever– I keep about four bottles of different kinds of medicine on my nightstand. One of which is a pain reliever. For all those aches and pains that old ladies get.

  3. Chapstick or lip mask– I have chapstick, lip balm, and the best nighttime lip mask.

  4. Antacid– UGH! heartburn! I get heartburn when I eat too late at night or if I get crazy with the chips and salsa.

  5. Nose strips– True life confessions: I snore too.

  6. Antihistamine– I have the worst allergies!

  7. Nail file or clippers- I can’t live without a nail file on my nightstand.

  8. Essential oils– Lavender is the best and helps with sleep. Sometimes I put lavender oil on my temples and my wrists. It’s heavenly.

  9. Birth control– Thank the good Lord that I’m finally done with this!

  10. Hand cream– Our hands often get overlooked regarding good skincare and pro-aging.

    I have been giving my hands extra love, and it’s made a huge difference!

    I love, love this hand cream, and I highly recommend it!

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  1. Pain-relieving gel or cream– My sister gave me these pain reliever pads a few weeks ago, and they work if you’ve got back pain or paint anywhere that you can stick one of these pads, I would do it! They are awesome!

  2. Reading glasses– My reading glasses are everywhere and nowhere, all simultaneously. Sometimes I have 100 pairs of reading glasses in my nightstand, and sometimes, ZERO!

  3. Breath spray– Because you never know.

  4. Intimate lubricant– Same as above. 🙂

  5. Hair ties- I’ve got hair ties and hair clips inside my bedside table and all over the house. My hair drives me nuts. First, it’s up, then it’s down, and then it’s back up again. Oy-ve!

  6. Hairbrush- If you could get just one glimpse of how my hair looks in the morning when I wake up, you would understand why I’ve got a hairbrush on my nightstand. Ask anyone.

  7. Eye drops– I have dry eyes and terrible seasonal allergies. I’ve got three different kinds of eye drops on my bedside table.

  8. Blue light glasses– Blue light glasses are essentials for blocking out the blue light from screens.

    If you don’t know about blue light and the benefits of blue light glasses, hop over to this article.

  9. Pens/pencils– For writing in my journals and on sticky notes.

  10. Gratitude journal– If you’ve been hanging out on my blog long enough, you know I’m all about gratitude.

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  1. Sleep mask– I have the best sleep mask in the whole wide world! I love it and swear by it for a better night’s sleep.

  2. Stoney yoni– Ok, girls! Listen up! You’ve got to get yourself some Stoney yoni. What is Stoney Yoni, you ask?

    Let’s just say Stoney Yoni brings flower power to your bedroom in a whole new way! (Stay tuned for the complete story coming soon!)

  3. TV Remote Controls– Some people don’t watch TV in the bedroom; we do! I love having a TV in our bedroom and wouldn’t have it any other way!

  4. AirPods or headphones– To drown out snoring and listen to all the videos I watch while going down the social media rabbit hole at night and listen to bedtime meditations.

  5. Xanax– Because life is stressful, and sometimes I can’t sleep.

  6. Jewelry dish- I have a little jewelry dish on my nightstand that was my Mother-in-law’s. Every night at bedtime, I put my rings in my rings and think of her.

  7. Candy-I stashed three little Carmel easter bunny candies in my nightstand at Easter time. So I’m saving them for just the right moment. You never know when you’re going to need a little sweetness.

  8. Pillow mist-I love lavender pillow mist. We’ve used lavender pillow mist since our youngest was little. It’s the yummiest bedtime thing ever.

  9. Flashlight– About ten years ago, the power went out in the middle of the night, and I didn’t have a flashlight. Now I’m prepared!

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  1. Lingerie-Now, I’ve got my lingerie in my third drawer. I’ve got three drawers in my nightstand. So I’ve got my PJs and lingerie in the second and third drawers.

  2. Prayer journal-I’ve got three journals inside my nightstand. So I guess I’m a bit of a journal junkie!

  3. Rescue Inhaler– I’ve got asthma. Anyone else?

  4. Sleep mediation app– Sleep meditations have become a nightstand essential! I do sleep meditations every night before bed.

    Right now, my favorite app is called insight timer. I use the free version.

  5. Matches or a clicker– when you want a little candlelight in your life or if you need to light up a cigarette. Just kidding!

  6. Bible-I love this NIV study bible. I have a women’s study bible, which helps my quiet time come to life.

  7. Reading light– Because he doesn’t like the light on (When I’m reading, that is)

  8. Pistol– I’d say a firearm falls under nightstand essentials.

  9. Sticky notes– I love sticky notes for affirmations and quotes.

  10. Cough drops– because having a cough while trying to sleep is the worst!

  11. Rosary– My sweet Catholic friends reminded me of this one! Thanks, Leann! XO

  12. Eye Cream– A good eye cream is essential! I am currently testing a new eye cream and will write my findings soon!

Conclusion: Nightstand essentials for women

So there you have it! Nightstand essentials for women: 50 Bedside must-haves! So, what do you think?

Which of these nightstand essentials do you keep in your nightstand? What did I forget? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

XO, Christine

PS. I want to shout out to my girls over at The Midlife girl tribe for helping me with this article! Thanks, girls! XO

Nightstand Essentials for Women


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