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My Fav Bronze Leg Makeup Products for a Gorgeous Bronze Glow in 2024

In this article, The 15+ Best Bronze leg makeup products, I’ve curated the best products to achieve a gorgeous bronzing glow for your legs and entire body!

After spending months hunkered down in our homes, we all dream of summer days—warm sunshine, light breezes, and bronzed skin.

You don’t have to wait for the sun to get that beautiful golden-brown glow. Get your dream tan using bronzing leg makeup!

Read on to find out how to make your legs look sun-kissed and dewy with just a few products.

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bronze leg makeup

The Best Bronze Leg Makeup for 2023:

What is Bronzing Leg Makeup?

Ever wondered about leg makeup? It may seem strange, but leg bronzing makeup is a thing!

Leg makeup is a body foundation used to even out skin tone and blur any imperfections on the legs, but it can be used for the entire body.

It can help make legs look shiny, tanned, and smooth. Leg bronzing makeup is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to give the illusion of longer, leaner-looking legs.

Leg bronzers are especially beneficial when everyone starts breaking out their shorts and skirts during the summer.

Benefits of Bronze Leg Makeup

Bronzing leg makeup works like magic, improving the look of your legs in just minutes!

  • It provides uniform color and coverage while covering skin imperfections.
  • It covers skin imperfections on legs, such as uneven skin tone, varicose veins, spider veins, and dark spots.
  • Enhances existing tan or skin tone.
  • Makes legs look slimmer and longer.
  • It gives a sun-kissed glow without damaging skin from UV rays.
  • Easy to apply and remove after use.
  • Unlike self-tanner, the results for bronze leg makeup are instant!
  • Many body makeups provide sun protection, which is an added plus!

Types of Bronzing Leg Makeup

Like face makeup or foundation, leg makeup comes in various formulations, including sprays, liquids, creams, and powders.

Sprays are typically waterproof and won’t transfer onto your clothes.

Liquid or cream bronze leg makeup is easy to apply and blends seamlessly into the skin. 

Powder-based bronzing leg makeup provides light coverage and tends to sit on top of the skin, which makes it the least desirable leg makeup (in my humble opinion)

beautiful tanned legs

How to Choose The Best Bronzing Leg Makeup

When shopping for the best bronze leg makeup, here are some key points to watch for:

  • Coverage. How much coverage does the product offer, and is it buildable? Some products are more translucent,, and some are denser. Some offer light coverage, and some offer full coverage.

  • Color range. Does the product offer a color that works for your skin tone? Look for a product with the broadest range of shades possible.

  • Finish. What finish do you prefer? Do you want a matte finish or a shimmering glow? You May need both for different occasions.

  • Water resistance. Do you need the body makeup to be water-resistant?

  • Transfer resistance. Look for products that offer transfer resistance when at all possible.

  • Skin-nourishing ingredients. As with all beauty products, be on the lookout for quality ingredients that nourish the skin, such as shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamin e, sweet almond oil, and aloe vera and

My top picks: The Best Bronze Leg Makeup Products

Vita Liberata Body Blur, Leg and Body Makeup. 

I’m starting my list off with one of the best leg and body makeup products on the planet!

Vita Liberata Body Blur offers a beautiful airbrushed look while it blurs imperfections and smooths skin tone.

This formula is bursting with nourishing, organic ingredients, including shea butter and glycerin, which moisturize and help improve skin smoothness.

  • Available in 5 shades.
  • Instant color can be washed off at any time
  • Is not water resistant
  • I recommend using a setting spray with this product.
purchase on amazon >

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Purchase Online: Nordstrom, Macy’s and Amazon

Dior Backstage face and body makeup

Dior backstage face and body makeup comes in a wide range of shades with a natural finish and medium, buildable coverage that’s waterproof and sweat-resistant.

I love this makeup because it blends so well and conceals imperfections nicely. I use it on my face and as a concealer on dark spots on my arms and legs.

When I want full coverage, I mix this body makeup with my body moisturizer and then apply it to my décolletage, arms, and legs for beautiful translucent coverage.

A little goes a long way and works like a charm!

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Purchase Online: Sephora, Amazon and Dior.com

Best Body Makeup with Sunscreen

Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup, with SPF 25.

Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup offers medium to full coverage on the body and legs and has sunscreen!

Cover scars, varicose veins, spider veins, stretch marks, bruises, and other imperfections.

For smudge and transfer-resistant wear, apply a generous I suggest using a setting powder or setting spray along with this product.

purchase on amazon >

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Purchase Online: Ulta Beauty, Amazon and Walmart.com

Best Drugstore Leg Makeup

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen airbrush legs come in spray and a lotion and offer flawless-looking legs every time!

This best-selling leg bronzer makeup is a quick, easy, and mess-free way to get smooth, beautiful legs anytime, anyplace.

Its lightweight formula blends very well with a brush or mitt and is water and transfer-resistant.

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Purchase Online: Target, Amazon, and Walmart.com

Best Bronze Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup

Best bronze bombshell body and body makeup is the bomb! (pun intended!)

It’s formulated with a concentrated blend of Japanese pigments that quickly conceal imperfections such as varicose veins, sun spots, scars, bruising, tattoos, uneven tone,   birthmarks, vitiligo, rosacea, and much more!

The easily blendable formula feels ultra-lightweight and comfortable on the skin while providing a completely transfer-proof, waterproof finish that lasts up to 3 days.

Infused with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

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Best Transfer Resistant Leg Makeup

Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector 

This product is a bit pricey but worth it! And a little goes a long way!

If you have skin imperfections that you wish to conceal and need transfer-resistant body makeup, this product is for you!

Its natural-looking formula instantly evens your skin tone and conceals age spots, spider veins, scars, and tattoos!

And the best part?! Body Coverage Perfector is waterproof, sweatproof, transfer-resistant, and lasts over 24 hours.

Comes in seven buildable shades.

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Purchase Online: Amazon, and QVC

MAC Liquid Face and Body Foundation

Mac liquid face and body foundation is lightweight and has a nice natural satin finish.

It is perfect for those who want low-to-medium buildable coverage on the face and body.

Formulated with a unique blend of emollients, this foundation provides stay-true color and staying power.

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Purchase Online: Nordstrom, Ulta Beauty and Mac Cosmetics

BE YOU BODY | Body Perfecting Bronzer (gel)

This one shade-fits-all all body-perfecting bronzer gel is a quick and easy way to glowing skin.

It goes on effortlessly, improves skin tone, and reduces the appearance of redness, bruises, veins, and stretch marks.

This product is intended for one-day use and is not water-resistant. I set it with makeup setting spray.

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How to Apply Bronzing Leg Makeup for a flawless look!

With a few of my tips and tricks, you can achieve a beautiful sunkissed tan in just a few minutes.

Tips for applying bronzing leg makeup:

1. Prepare your skin – Exfoliate and moisturize your legs.

Before you apply bronzing leg makeup, you must, I mean you MUST, exfoliate your skin! To exfoliate thoroughly, use a loofah, a dry brush, or a body scrub.

Once you are dry, moisturize your skin and let the moisturizer soak in for at least 10 minutes.

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2. Use a Makeup Brush, makeup sponge, or mitt

While you can use your hands to apply the body makeup to your skin, I would highly recommend using a makeup brush, a large makeup sponge, or a mitt intended for self-tanner.

3. Apply Body Makeup in a Circular Motion

I like to start at the ankle and work up. Start with a small amount of product and build up as desired.

Use a brush or mitt and apply bronzing makeup in 3″ circular motions. (I prefer to use a brush) 🙂

Give extra attention to nooks and crannies such as ankles and behind the knees. And consider using less product on areas such as the knees and elbows that may have darker pigment than other areas.

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4. Pro Tip: Use Setting Spray to Set it!

Once you’ve finished applying and blending, I recommend setting the body makeup with makeup setting spray so that the color stays in place all day long.

This step is not always necessary if your bronzing product is transfer-resistant, but it never hurts to take the extra time to lock it down with finishing spray.

Conclusion: My Favorite Bronze leg makeup for 2024

Leg and body makeup is heaven-sent!

With body and leg makeup, you can improve the look of your legs with a tanned glow while covering imperfections such as spider veins, dark age spots, bruising, and even scars.

The best bronzing leg makeup is transfer resistant, has long-lasting wear time, provide an even, natural-looking glow that won’t leave your legs looking orange, and contain skin-loving ingredients as a bonus!

Have you tried body makeup yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

All the best!

XO, Christine

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