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The Best Face Primer for Mature and Aging Skin (2021)

A high-quality face primer is arguably one of the most critical components to a solid makeup routine-especially for mature and aging skin (women 40 and over). I have tried a lot of face primers in my time! Today I’m sharing everything I know and what I believe is the best face primer for mature and aging skin!

The best face primer for mature skin women 40 and over

The best face primer for mature skin + aging skin

I underestimated the power of face primer for way too long.  It was because I didn’t understand its importance and how much it would improve the overall performance of makeup.  

When you know better, you do better, and now that I understand the power of a good face primer -I’m a believer! 

Face primer essentially creates a foundation for your foundation! Which is become more and more important as skin matures and starts to show the tell-tale signs of aging. 

What face primer does:

-Primer prepares the skin for foundation and gives it staying power!

-It can help to eliminate foundation creasing, cracking, and settling into fine lines and wrinkles. 

-Face primer can reduce the appearance of large pores, giving the final finish a more smooth appearance, which is a concern for me.

There are many different primers on the market that treat various concerns, including oily & blemished skin and more.

Today, I’m focusing on face primer for mature skin because, well, mature skin is my jam.

Finding a Face primer for mature skin can be tricky

Face primer doesn’t always play nice with a foundation which can make it very tricky to find the perfect combination.

Sometimes if the formulations don’t mesh, it can cause the foundation to either slide right off your face or worse-become dry and crack! The worst!

Bottom line-Not all primers are created equal.

It took a lot of trial and error to find the best face primer for my mature skin.  

The best face primer for mature and aging skin (2021)

My top five face primers for mature skin and aging skin :

1) Veil Mineral Primer by HOURGLASS

My Number one favorite, the holy grail of all face primers, is VEIL MINERAL PRIMER by HOURGLASS.   

Not I’m going to lie- it’s expensive, yes! But worth its weight in gold! GOLD!  

Here’s why this primer is worth it’s pricetag:

-It plays nice with every foundation I’ve ever paired with it with. Every. Single. One.

-Extends the life of the foundation and further, it fills in the fine lines and wrinkles!

-Blurs the areas where pores appear to be larger

-The final finish is like magic! Just Magic!

I tend to reach for this face primer when it’s date night, when we’re headed to an event like a wedding, or when I know I may be photographed.  

The best primers for women over 40- Laura Mercier

2) Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer (Protecting)

I have loved Laura Mercier’s makeup line forever and ever amen even more so now that my skin shows signs of aging.

This face primer is extra awesome because it’s got SPF 30, which makes it perfect for every day out in this Arizona sun! In addition, it’s infused with a blend of Vitamins C & E, which claims to help improve the appearance of skin over time. 

Its finish is just lovely. Not Matte. Not dewy. Just a perfectly smooth finish. SPF. Good for my skin… That’s a triple win for me. This is a great everyday primer across the board.

The best primers for women over 40-Large Pores

3) Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer

This primer is fantastic for those large pores. It minimizes the appearance of both large pores and those pesky fines lines and wrinkles! 

With a thick and balmy kind of texture, it does “blur” the pores. And fills them in if that makes sense? I love that.

One word of caution If you have dry skin- in my experience, this primer can be a bit drying. Therefore, it helps to apply moisturizer right before application.

I tend to use this primer just where my pores are more prominent. 

the best primer for women over 40-Hangover RX

4) Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

I like this primer because it is really hydrating.

Extra hydration comes in handy when my skin is on the dryer side, which can be pretty often these days. When I’ve been going heavy on the Retin-A or if I’ve had recently had a chemical peel, then I need all the help I can get!

This primer also does a great job locking down my makeup and extends the wear of my foundation too.

5) The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Face Primer

This primer from the ordinary is well-loved by many and is a wallet-friendly option.

Very silky and light -it’s the perfect primer for those “no-makeup look” makeup days. You know, when running errands or going to the gym.

I like to mix in a few drops of The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer with my foundation, which gives it a little extra “Grab” and leaves my face looking glowy and natural.  

Alrighty then! There you have it!

The absolute best face primer for mature and aging skin (Like mine!)

If you haven’t already read my post about the best foundations for mature skin-be sure to hop over and check it out. I hope this has helped you helped in your search for the perfect face primer.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below- I will get back to you promptly!

Until next time!

XO, Christine.

The best face primer for mature and aging skin women over 40
The Best Face Primer for Mature and Aging Skin (2021)

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