My Personal Statement of Faith (What I Believe)

Hello, and welcome to my personal statement of faith.

If you’ve been following me for a while or have read any articles about faith, prayer, forgiveness, etc., you might know that my Christian faith is a huge part of who I am.

It’s the compass that guides my life, the anchor that grounds me, and the light that is a lamp unto my feet.

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my personal faith statement

My Personal Faith Statement: What I believe

Now that my blog is over a year old, I felt it was high time to pen down my personal statement of faith.

A Personal statement of faith is a way to share the core of what I believe so that you can get to know me a bit better and have a deeper understanding of where I’m coming from when I write about things like faith, healing, forgiveness, etc.

Writing a personal testimony is also in the works.

My testimony is my personal story of how I encountered God, how you came to believe in Jesus, and how that relationship has impacted and transformed my life.

I’ll be honest with you, sitting down to write my testimony will be quite an undertaking, so it may take a while, but if you are interested in reading it when it’s ready, you can sign up for my newsletter to ensure you don’t miss it.

In the meantime, as promised, here is my statement of faith. If anything piques your curiosity or you’ve got any questions, don’t be shy!—reach out! 🙂

personal statement of faith the trinity

The Big Three: The Father, The Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit

First and foremost, I wholeheartedly believe in the Trinity.

Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering, “What’s that?”, let me break it down. The Trinity is like the ultimate dream team: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Three distinct persons in one God Head.

This site is like the FAQ of Christianity. They have a straightforward breakdown of the Trinity and many related questions. GotQuestions on the Trinity

God the Father

He’s the Creator of everything. Light from darkness, the oceans, the stars, the animals, and even the tiniest of fireflies.

And as far as human life, God created Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, and cutting to the chase-He created the entire human race!

He’s like the ultimate artist, and we’re His masterpieces. He loves us human beings so much that He has a unique plan for each of our lives and, ultimately, a plan that each of us can eternally existent (life forever) in His presence.

This song nicely sums up what I believe: This I Believe (The Creed) by Hillsong.

Understanding the Character of God

I like to think of God the Father as the ultimate CEO of the universe. He’s not just running the show; He created the show.

From speaking the world into existence (Genesis 1:1) to laying down timeless guidelines like the Ten Commandments, His word is the real deal.

And while He’s got this unchanging, rock-solid authority (Malachi 3:6), He’s also the final authority of all Revelation 20:12.

But here’s the twist: even with all that power, He’s super into building a close, loving relationship with us. It’s like having the universe’s top boss, your biggest fan.

statement of faith 4

Jesus the Son ( My Lord, Jesus Christ)

Ah, my leading man, my Lord Jesus Christ!

He’s the reason I have blessed hope in my heart.

Born of the virgin Mary, He lived a sinless life and taught us about love, forgiveness, faith, humility (to name a few…), and eternal life, assuring us that if we believe in him, we’ll live forever with him. (John 3:16) and then did the most selfless thing ever.

He died for us. He was crucified on a cross and shed his blood for us. All of us.

But wait, there’s more – Jesus Christ didn’t stay dead!

Three days after His physical death (on resurrection day), He rose again, conquered death, and gave us the hope of eternal life for all believers.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.

Here’s where it gets personal: for those who believe, the Holy Spirit indwells in their hearts. John 14:16-17

Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as the “Comforter” or “Helper”. He said that after he left, the Holy Spirit would come to guide and be with those who believe in Him.

He also described the Holy Spirit as a teacher as the “Spirit of Truth,” and said it would guide true believers into all truth. John 16:13

The Holy Spirit is a dynamic force, ready to guide, teach, and comfort all true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

statement of faith 3

Salvation (Everlasting Life)

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son (Jesus Christ), that whoever believes in Him shall not perish (a spiritual death) but have eternal life.”

You see, we all mess up. We make mistakes, hurt others, and sometimes drift away from God’s path.

But here’s the good news: Jesus Christ came to save us from that. We’re given a fresh start by believing in Him, accepting His love, and inviting Him into our hearts.

It’s like getting a brand-new, clean slate. And the best part? We get to spend eternity with Him!

Becoming a Christian

The Basics: At the heart of Christianity is the belief that The Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who came to Earth, died for our sins, and rose again.

This act offers salvation—a way to be right with God and be with God in Heaven forever.


“Repent” is a fancy word that means turning away from things that don’t align with God’s will in your present life (aka sins) and turning towards God.

Believe in Jesus as Lord

This is the core of it all John 3:16.

Believing in Jesus as the one true God means trusting He is who He says He is and that His shed blood and sacrifice are enough for your salvation.


You don’t need fancy words. Just chat with God, acknowledge your sin, that you believe and want to follow Him—examples of prayers for salvation.

And that’s it! Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven!

statement of faith 5

More Steps Towards a Godly Life

Get Baptized: Many Christians see baptism as an outward sign of an inward change. It’s a symbolic act, showing that you’re leaving your old life behind and starting fresh with God.

Join a Community: Faith is both personal and communal. Find a local church or a group where you can learn, grow in Godly living, and journey with others.

Keep Growing: Dive into the Bible (God’s Word), pray regularly, and learn. Your relationship with God is like any other relationship—it grows and deepens over time.

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FAQs: My Statement of Faith

Q: What’s the deal with the Trinity?

It’s like the ultimate dream team of Christianity: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Think of them as three unique expressions of one divine essence. It’s a bit mind-bending, but it’s central to Christian belief.

Q: Why do Christians wear crosses?

The cross symbolizes Jesus’ sacrifice—his death and resurrection.

I wear a cross, I’m not rocking a piece of jewelry; I’m expressing my faith and remembering the love and sacrifice Jesus made for my life.

Q: Do I have to go to church to be a Christian?

Being a Christian is about your relationship with God.

While you don’t have to go to church to have that, many find that being part of a community helps them grow in their faith, learn more, and connect with others on a similar journey.

Q: Why do Christians get baptized?

Baptism is like a spiritual rite of passage.

It’s an outward sign of an inward change, symbolizing a fresh start and a new life in Christ. It’s a way of publicly saying, “Hey, I’m on Team Jesus!”

You can learn more about being baptized here.

Q: What’s the best bible for beginners?

Jumping into the vast world of the Bible can feel like diving into a pool’s deep end. But if you’re asking for a personal recommendation on where to start, I’d say go for a Study Bible in the NIV (New International Version) translation.

Why? Well, the NIV strikes a nice balance—it’s accessible and easy to understand, especially for those new to the Bible.

Now, the bonus of a Study Bible is all the extra goodies you get. Think helpful notes, explanations, and context right there in the margins.

It’s like having a knowledgeable buddy guiding you through the pages.

And as for where to begin reading? Dive into the Book of John. It’s a beautiful introduction to the life and teachings of Jesus, filled with profound insights and stories that resonate even today. 🙂

my faith statement

Final Thoughts: My Personal Statement of Faith

My personal statement of faith is more than just words on a page.

It’s a heartfelt declaration, a testament to a deeply personal and profoundly transformative journey.

It’s about understanding my identity, not just in the grand tapestry of life, but in God’s plan’s intricate, beautiful design.

When I say I’m in Christ, it’s not just a label or a casual affiliation.

It’s a bond, a connection that’s as deep as the ocean and as vast as the cosmos. And the coolest part? It’s not just about who I am, but whose I am.

I’m not just any daughter; I’m the daughter of the King. Imagine that! It’s a reminder that I’m cherished, valued, and loved beyond measure.

As a Christian, I’m guided by the love of the Father, redeemed by the sacrifice of Jesus, and constantly comforted by the whispers of the Holy Spirit.

It’s a journey of discovery, understanding my royal lineage, and stepping into the purpose and promise that comes with being the daughter of the King.

And honestly? It doesn’t get cooler than that!

In His Love,

XO, Christine

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