Hi there! I’m Christine!

My name is Christine Mathews the midlife blogger behind xochristine.

My name is Christine Mathews. The midlife blogger behind xochristine.com. I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my husband of 32 years, our youngest kiddo, and our two fur babies.

I’m a wife, mom to four of the most amazing humans on the planet (ages 36-13!), Mother-in-love to three perfect people for my people, and grandma to one perfect, precious, beautiful little girl. Family is everything.

When I’m not typing my heart out on my blog you can find me getting artsy-crafty in my art studio, getting my hands dirty tending to my new garden + my many houseplants, or working on one of my latest projects around the house.

A BELIEVER and a forever dream chaser

At 58+ I’m a big believer that it’s never too late to become who you want to be! NEVER!
I believe in chasing your dreams and reaching higher each and every day.

That said-I believe we need a firm foundation on which to build our lives. Mine is the trinity. The Father, the Son (Jesus!), and the Holy Spirit are my true north. #savedbygrace

dream big dreams in midlife

I am a self-care advocate

Taking good care of myself from the inside out is important to me because I want to live a long and vital life! God willing! With 58 years of life experience, I’ve learned a lot about wellness, self-care, and women’s health concerns such as menopause, hormones, and the like. 

To try to keep my body, mind, and spirit in balance. I meditate, practice gratitude every day and enjoy pilates and yoga to stay fit! Just recently I discovered rowing which has quickly become my favorite way to get in that cardio!

I try to eat right and take vitamins + supplements to make sure my body has everything it needs.

Obsessed with beauty, skincare and anti-aging

Yep! It’s true. I’m a little obsessed with beauty, skincare, and all things anti-aging! But I like to call it healthy aging. I have adopted a healthy self-care routine along with a skincare regimen that helps me to look and feel my best as I grow older. 

Getting older can be a major challenge. It helps me to know that I’m doing everything possible to not “go down without a fight! as they say. I do my best and that’s all I can do. I’m good with that.

Christine Mathews -obsessed with beauty, wellness and anti-aging

True lover of all things creative

A true lover of all things creative-I truly believe we were all created to create.

It’s probably a safe bet that I’m a bit of an art supply junkie. When I need a little me time, I sometimes head to the nearest art store and somehow end up with all kinds of fun stuff! Shopping for art supplies is cheaper than therapy.

Recently, I have set out to learn how to paint abstracts. Painting is so rewarding-epically when I can get into the flow. Every time I spend time painting, it’s a surprise adventure.

Christine Mathews midlife blogger lover of all things creative

I’ve become a “crazy” plant lady!

My green thumb is really coming along! I love plants and have been nurturing my green thumb for a while now. It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy plants and that’s the same thing. Plants make my heart happy.

At last count, I’ve got 37 plant babies in the house. Last spring, I started a raised vegetable garden. I am loving learning how to grow herbs and vegetables here in the low desert of Arizona. It’s not always easy but It’s so rewarding and fun! 

how to take care of indoor plants

I love being a midlife blogger! It’s so fun & rewarding!

During lockdown with covid in January 2021, I decided to start a blog for midlife women. And here we are! So far, so good.  

Blogging has been a lifesaver during these uncertain times and as it turns out, blogging is very rewarding and super fun! I’m excited to get up every morning to work on my blog.

They say if you do something you love then you will never work a day in your life!  It’s true!

Christine Mathews-Midlife Blogger

Ok! That’s enough about me! 

Thanks so much for stopping by xochristine.com! 

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Don’t be a stranger!

xo, Christine

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