How to Brew the Best Coffee at Home

Over the years, morning coffee has become a ritual for my husband and me. We take our coffee very seriously at our house, and we’ve nailed down How to brew the best coffee at home.

The best way t o brew a yummy cup of Joe at home

The best ways to brew a yummy cup of joe (at home)

There are many ways to brew a good cup of coffee.

Like most of the you-The obsession with coffee began shortly after high school ended and has only increased with age. WOW! I just did the math on that, and trust me when I say

We’ve got a lot of life experience in the brewing coffee department! The truth is our morning coffee routine has become a full-blown ritual at our house.

Pick your desired brewing method:

best ways to make a yummy cup of Joe at home

Drip Coffee Maker

My husband is a creature of habit. He likes to brew his coffee using a good old-fashioned drip coffee maker. Setting his coffee up every night before bed is part of his nighttime routine.

For me, drip coffee is great when we need to fly out the door, or by some stroke of bad luck, I’ve somehow run out of Nespresso pods!

Pros and cons of a drip coffee maker

  • It makes a ton of coffee (14 cups!) And my husband drinks them all!
  • Set it and forget it! (brew timer is a plus!)
  • The fastest and the most simple
  • Economical (based on quanity)
  • Requires a medium grind which what pre-ground coffee usually is.
  • Coffee stays warm!
  • Great for large groups of people
  • Con: It’s just not the best cup of joe.

French Press

I love the french press! It makes unbelievably delicious coffee! And I find the process of using a french press so enjoyable as well. So if you have the time, you’ve got to try it!

The French press brews the coffee by soaking the grounds directly in hot water rather than letting water pass through the grounds and then a filter. As a result, the coffee is robust and rich in flavor.

The 411 on using a french press:

  • You don’t need a filter! One less thing.
  • You need to use course grounded coffee (It’s nice to grind it just before you brew it)
  • There is a learning curve but it’s super easy once you get the hang of it
  • An enjoyable process and only takes about 5 minutes
  • It’s robust and rich in flavor
  • It’s portable so you can take it with you to the bedroom, outside, etc.
  • Only makes 2 cups

The pour over method

We discovered this brewing method while on vacation to New York. The Airbnb came complete with a super cool pour-over coffee system, and we really enjoyed it.

When we returned home, I this pour-over coffee maker for my husband for Father’s Day.

We love this brewing coffee for many reasons, but it comes with pros and cons like anything.

The Pro and Cons of the Pour-over method:

  • It’s a nice altuproceriss if you have the time
  • It’s a really yummy cup of joe!
  • The coffee is clean and try of oil due to the filter
  • Takes a bit long for me
  • It’s messy and I don’t really like the extra cleanup
  • Requires alot of equipment
  • It’s portable
  • Unless you have a warmer-coffee cools off really fast!
How to make a yummy cup of Joe- Nespresso Machine

The Nespresso Machine (Single-cup brew)

Our grown kids got a Nespresso machine and after having just one cup, I was hooked. It wasn’t but a week, and we had our own Nespresso machine at the house.

Warning: Once you have a Nespresso cup of coffee-you may never be able to go back.

Nespresso is a single cup of coffee -coffee maker.

The Nespresso Vertuo Deluxe (the machine we have) brews coffee, espresso, and everything in-between. From dark and intense to mild and smooth- there are over 30 blends to choose from!

The Pro and Cons of the Nespresso Machine:

  • It’s quick and easy!
  • Delivers a perfect cup of joe every time complete with a heavenly foam
  • I love the entire process of choosing my flavor, putting in the pod, etc.
  • The machine is beautiful and looks great in my kitchen!
  • There are so many flavors! Love, Love, Love!
  • The pods are recycleable!
  • Con: It’s a bit pricey: $1.10 per cup


Use good quality water to make brew your morning coffee

Use the best water available. Good, clean filtered water makes a better cup of coffee. Period.

Experts say that spring water is the best water for brewing a good cup of coffee. We use filtered water that we get delivered weekly from good old Sparklets.

I would definitely steer clear of tap water because it is usually full of chlorine and other junk that you probably don’t want to be drinking anyway.

Tap water causes a build-up in the drip coffee maker and can actually ruin it. Before we knew better, we used tap water and killed at least 3 coffee makers over time.

Use a Milk Frother

We recently splurged on the Nespresso Milk Frother. I love it! It’s the best invention ever. It warms and froths your milk or creamer, whipping it into a heavenly cream.

I really love that by warming the creamer, my coffee stays the perfect temperature longer—less warming up my coffee in the microwave. Cause having to rewarm coffee in the microwave is a major buzzkill.

We also have a simple and inexpensive handheld frother to mix in our morning coffee’s butter, powers, and oils.

the best ways to brew a yummy cup of Joe

Grind the coffee beans yourself

One of the many benefits of grinding your own coffee beans is that you can choose the desired grind of the coffee depending on your preferred brewing method.

Grinding the coffee beans adds another layer to the process of making a perfect cup of jo, and it makes for a much better cup of coffee full stop. We have a burr grinder which is preferred to a blade grinder.

A few quick grinding tips:

  • Store coffee beans in the freezer to keep them fresh
  • Use a burr grinder if possible
  • Only grind what you need

Use the best coffee you can afford & keep it fresh

Like everything these days, coffee has gotten expensive.

We love Starbucks, Dunkin donuts, and even Peets coffee-but the truth is we also buy Yuban and or/Folgers in bulk at Costco. (because money doesn’t grow on trees)

My husband loves it and swears it’s just a good as the higher-priced coffee. But we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

If I had to choose just one coffee, it would be Pike’s Place(whole beans). I love Starbuck’s Pike Place roast. (I lived in Seattle for 15 years, so maybe that has something to do with it!?)

No matter what brand you buy, it’s super important to keep your coffee fresh.

Please keep it in an air-tight container, and even better, keep it in the freezer. I store our coffee in these air-tight containers.

Add yummy (+ Healthy) things to your cup of joe

There are so many yummy and even healthy things you can add to your coffee these days!

There are a ton of deliciously wonderful creamers on the market, along with nutritious powders and oils that will not only make your coffee super yummy but are good for you as well!

Doctoring our coffee just the way we like it with our favorite creamer and powders and such is the best part of making morning coffee a ritual.

There you have it! The best ways to brew a perfect cup of joe!

What is your favorite way to brew coffee? Do you drink your coffee black or sweet and light? What shade are you? (I like mine the Almond shade above ) What do you put in your coffee and why? I really want to know.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,

XO, Christine

ways to brew  the best cup of Joe at home

How to Brew the Best Coffee at Home How to Brew the Best Coffee at Home

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